Testimonial (Osteopathy), Lumbar pain

It would be fair to say that I’ve had my fair share of trouble with my back over the years and without Steve’s help I really wouldn’t be back to playing sports that I almost certainly had to face giving up. I’ve had a bumpy old time with my back over the last 20 odd years due to years of high impact sports and Steve has always been on hand to gently get me back mobile again. I always recommend Steve to friends and family without hesitation due to his upmost professionalism and his can do attitude which installs such confidence straight away. A combination of Steve’s determination and me finally taking more responsibility of my own back with the easy to follow exercises Steve has given me, I’m back to regularly playing all the sports I love. I’m really pleased to say that I’ve been pain free for over 12 months now (which after 20 years off is nothing short of a miracle) and my back feels stronger than ever which I cannot thank him enough for.

Darren Gorton
Unique Wheels

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