Testimonial: Menopausal symptoms (Acupuncture)

I have been suffering with menopausal symptoms for nearly three years. The hot flushes and night sweats were very debilitating and I was running out of options, I has tried HRT but came off it as I didn’t like the concept very much and herbal solutions were only working in a small way, plus my diet was becoming more limited trying to avoid anything that would bring on these unpleasant symptoms.
Many years ago, I had Acupuncture treatment for PMT which was very successful and so I thought that I would see if it would work for me again at this stage in my life.
I can not give enough praise for Gary, who in three sessions has sorted out this problem effectively eliminating the symptoms. This means that once again I can enjoy a glass of wine, or a biscuit, or be in a sressful situation without the unwelcome dreaded flushes appearing with the embarrassment to accompany them.
To anybody who is sceptical, just come along and try it. I just dont know why I waited nearly three years to deal with this unwanted problem. It worked for me and it could work for you.
Jane Moir

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