Testimonial: Pneumonia and frequent colds (Acupuncture)

After pneumonia and countless bouts of cold, coughs and infections last year I decided to turn to acupuncture – not really knowing what to expect, but hoping that somehow a magic wand could be waved and I’d begin to recover. This decision led to a search on the internet and thence to the Bournemouth Clinic and Gary.
Ever the sceptic I was not totally convinced that acupuncture would help but was desperate to escape that cycle of being ill, recovering for about 2 weeks and then going down again with something.
I started monthly treatments with Gary about 9 months ago and over the following 3 months the intervals between coughs and colds gradually lengthened. I hardly dare say it, but it is now 6 months since I have had an illness of any sort. As a result the treatments are less frequent now.
Gary has a very nice manner – he’s friendly and easy-going but professional and I have always felt relaxed as a patient. Anyone worried about the needles, shouldn’t be. I was a bit concerned before my 1st treatment, but Gary has the gentle touch and it has never been an issue. I am extremely grateful to him and his skill as an acupuncturist for restoring me to health!
Christine Beasley

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